Radiofrequency Ablation for Low Back Pain

How does burning nerves help my back pain?   If you have mechanical lower back pain, you may be a candidate for a procedure called Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA).    There are a number of potential causes for lower back pain.  If you have pain that

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OTC management for low back pain

OTC Management for Low Back Pain

I threw my back out and I just don’t want to go to the doctor’s office. Is that ok and what can I do? Low back pain and joint osteoarthritis are two of the top three reasons why people seek care from a doctor in

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Worry About Numbness


Hey doc, what about this numbness in my foot? Should I worry about it? Having aches and pains, here and there, is a normal part of life. The same goes for numbness. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, a nerve will get irritated, and the result

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Regular bowel movements

The Scoop on Poop

Having a daily and regular formed bowel movement is a beautiful thing. It is a direct way to assess the goodness of the foods we put into our bodies. Our lower GI tract is our garbage disposal – and no one wants their kitchen sink

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US Pain Foundation Support Groups

Free Online Support Groups

The US Pain Foundation hosts FREE virtual support groups in NC and SC. Any patient can join via computer from anywhere. Our “local” group is in Charlotte on the third Tuesday of the month. Register here!

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Practicing Yoga Could Help Your Back Pain

My back pain is killing me and my doctor tells me to do yoga?  Are you kidding me?   The estimated current population of the United States is 382 million people.  Of those 382 million Americans, 65 million will report a recent episode of low back pain

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