The Scoop on Poop

Regular bowel movements
Having a daily and regular formed bowel movement is a beautiful thing.


It is a direct way to assess the goodness of the foods we put into our bodies. Our lower GI tract is our garbage disposal – and no one wants their kitchen sink full of nasty food scraps if the disposal is clogged. We all know to drink more water and to eat healthy foods is the first recommendation for optimal bowel health. But what if that does not work?


Well.. this is what your doctor does to poop well each day.


  1. I eat a pescatarian mediterranean diet.
  2. I exercise regularly.
  3. I take Triphala at night. Triphala is a natural herbal supplement that primarily improves the wellness of your gut. It is a common supplement in Ayurvedic science. It is simply a combination of three Indian berries that have shown in western medicine studies to improve gut health. It also serves as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement. Make sure the brand you use is organic and well sourced. I am happy to guide you.
  4. I take a fiber supplement combination at night of 1 tsp of ground flax seeds and 1 tsp of whole psyllium husks. I stir it with a glass a water (it will not dissolve) and just drink it down. The first time I did it, I thought – ugh. After that it was a breeze. Again make sure your supplements are well sourced.
  5. I alter my posture on the toilet. Our GI tract is designed to best eliminate wastes when we are in a squatting position. But we do not squat to poop anymore. We sit, and it is just harder to poop in this position. So, I elevate my feet until my knees come above my thighs. You can buy a Squatty Potty – the marketing video for this is brilliant and hilarious if you have not seen it. Or you can just put your feet on a stool. Just elevate the knees.


Certainly, some medications that pain patients take can cause other gut mobility problems. But starting with these simple guidelines, practiced on a regular daily basis, can at least provide a good foundation for good gut health. Here’s to happy pooping!


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